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The Eye of the Leopard
Originally published in Swedish as Leopardens öga in 1990.


Hans Olofson is the son of a Swedish lumberjack. His childhood was unsettled: an alcoholic father, and a mother disappeared, only alive in old photographs. His adolescence was no easier as he lost both his best friend and his lover tragically. Alone and adrift, as a young man his only desire is to fulfil his lover's dream and visit the grave of a legendary missionary who survived alone in the remote hills of Northern Zambia. On reaching Africa, Olofson is struck by its beauty and mystery. After fulfilling his initial quest, an opportunity of employment in the region tempts him to stay. Time passes quickly. Though dismayed by the attitude of the white population to their adopted country, which is compounded by their vulnerability to alcohol and malaria, he is interested enough to take up sole responsibility for the farm he manages. For almost two decades Hans Olofson battles with a hostile environment and a placid, but resistant workforce. Set in the 1970s and 1980s, "The Eye of the Leopard" explores the relationship between the white farmers and their native workers.

Through Olofson's descent into near mental collapse it becomes clear that many years spent in a foreign land do not necessarily breed an understanding of its people: a handful of generations of white settlers cannot change a continent underpinned by myth and superstition. "The Eye of the Leopard" is a first-rate and original psychological thriller delving deep into the mind of a man lost in an unknown world.


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Book Information
Language Title Publication Date Translator
Flag of Sweden Swedish Leopardens öga 1990 N/A
Flag of the United Kingdom English The Eye of the Leopard 2008 Steven T. Murray
Flag of Germany German Das Auge des Leoparden    
Flag of The Netherlands Dutch Het oog van de luipaard 2005 Clementine Luijten
Flag of France French ??    
Flag of Italy Italian ??    
Flag of Spain Spanish ??    
Flag of Spain Catalan ??    
Flag of Spain Basque ??    
Flag of Norway Norwegian ??    
Flag of Finland Finnish ??    
Flag of Denmark Danish ??    
Flag of Iceland Icelandic ??    
Flag of Portugal Portuguese ??    
Flag of Greece Greek ??    
Flag of Poland Polish ??    
Flag of Slovenia Slovenian ??    
Flag of Turkey Turkish ??    
Flag of Japan Japanese ??    
Flag of South Korea Korean ??    
Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese ??    

Product List
Image Title Notes Vendor
Product Thumbnail The Eye of the Leopard Publisher: The Harvill Press
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 320
ISBN: 1843430495, 978-1843430490
Released: 2008-Apr-3
Status: Coming Soon
Markets: Flag
Product Thumbnail The Eye of the Leopard Publisher: New Press
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 320
ISBN: 1595580778, 978-1595580771
Released: 2008-Apr
Status: Coming Soon
Markets:  Flag Flag