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Originally published in Swedish as Djup in 2004 and later translated into German as Tiefe.


From New Press:
It is October 1914, and Swedish naval officer Lars Tobiasson-Svartman is charged with a secret mission to take depth readings around the Stockholm archipelago. In the course of his work, he lands on the rocky isle of Halsskär. It seems impossible for it to be habitable, yet it is home to the young widow Sara Fredrika, who lives in near-total isolation and is unaware that the world is at war.

A man of control and precision, Tobiasson-Svartman is overwhelmed by his attraction to the half-wild, illiterate Sara Fredrika, a total contrast to his reserved, elegant wife. Soon he enacts the worst of his impulses, turning into another, far more dangerous man, ready to trade in lies and even death to get closer to the lonely woman without losing hold of his wife. Matters of shame, fidelity, and duty are swept to sea as he struggles to maintain his parallel lives, with devastating consequences for the women who love him.

Henning Mankell, author of the internationally bestselling Kurt Wallander series and the critically acclaimed Chronicler of the Winds, once again proves himself a master of the novel with Depths, an arresting, disquieting story of obsession.

It is October 1914: the destroyer Svea emerged from the Stockholm archipelago bearing south-south-east. On board was Lars Tobiasson-Svartman, a naval engineer charged with making depth soundings to find a navigable channel for the Swedish navy. As a child Tobiasson-Svartman was fascinated by measurement; nothing is as magical as exact knowledge. His instinct for his profession is reflected in the comfortable domesticity he enjoys with his wife - herself meticulous in every detail.

Close to the waters where soundings are taken Tobiasson-Svartman alights on a barren skerry, presumed uninhabited, and is surprised to discover there a young woman, Sara Fredrika. Despite her almost feral appearance, something about her strikes him to the core. The mission is a success and the Svea returns to Gothenburg. Tobiasson-Svartman, however, remains haunted by this chance encounter; his equilibrium has been disturbed, and he is now compelled to find any pretence to return to the remote islet.

In "Depths", Mankell confirms his status as a writer beyond the crime genre. By delving deep into the male psyche, he has produced a novel both as tense and compelling in every way as the "Wallander" series, but also powerful, moving and ultimately tragic.



Book Information
Language Title Publication Date Translator
Flag of Sweden Swedish Djup 2004 N/A
Flag of the United Kingdom English Depths 2006 Laurie Thompson
Flag of Germany German Tiefe 2005 Verena Reichel
Flag of The Netherlands Dutch Diepte 2006 Clementine Luijten
Flag of France French ??    
Flag of Italy Italian ??    
Flag of Spain Spanish ??    
Flag of Spain Catalan ??    
Flag of Spain Basque ??    
Flag of Norway Norwegian ??    
Flag of Finland Finnish Syvyys 2005 Laura Janisniemi
Flag of Denmark Danish ??    
Flag of Iceland Icelandic ??    
Flag of Portugal Portuguese ??    
Flag of Greece Greek ??    
Flag of Poland Polish ??    
Flag of Slovenia Slovenian ??    
Flag of Turkey Turkish ??    
Flag of Japan Japanese ??    
Flag of South Korea Korean ??    
Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese ??    

Product List
Image Title Notes Vendor
Product Thumbnail Djup Publisher: Leopard Förlag
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9173430692
Released: 2004
Status: In Print
Markets: Flag
Product Thumbnail Depths Publisher: The Harvill Press
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 416
ISBN: 1843432633
Released: 2006-Oct-5
Status: In Print
Markets: Flag
Product Thumbnail Depths Publisher: New Press
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 416
ISBN: 1595580891, 978-1595580894
Released: 2007-Apr-2
Status: In Print
Markets: Flag
Product Thumbnail Depths Publisher: Knopf Canada
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 416
ISBN: 0676978711
Released: 2006-Oct-31
Status: In Print
Markets: Flag
Product Thumbnail Tiefe Publisher: Zsolnay
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 365
ISBN: 3552053433
Released: 2005-Mar-12
Status: In Print
Markets: Flag