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Updates for new Kurt & Linda Wallander film/video series
Posted 2005-01-13, updated 2005-08-04
Johanna Sällström as Linda WallanderYellow Bird Films has released the names and projected release dates for all 13 of their new films in the new Linda & Kurt Wallander series. This series begins with the film Before the Frost and continues with two additional feature films for theatrical release plus ten more films which be shown on TV or released on DVD, I believe.

This is one of the largest film projects ever undertaken in Sweden and shooting will take two years. The Film In Skåne web site has an English language PDF file with details about the production as well as comments from Henning Mankell and others involved with the series.

The series features six main characters who readers will already be familiar with, but with new actors taking over the roles. Kurt Wallander is played by veteran Swedish actor Krister Henriksson, Linda Wallander by Johanna Sällström, Stefan Lindman by Ola Rapace, Ann-Britt Höglund by Angela Kovacs, Martinsson by Douglas Johansson and Nyberg by Mats Bergman.

The New Linda & Kurt Wallander Series
Swedish Title English Title German Title Release
Innan frosten Before the Frost Vor dem Frost 2005 January 14 (*)
Byfånen The Village Idiot Der Dorftrottel 2005 July
Bröderna The Brothers Der Sammler 2005 August
Överdosen The Overdose Die Überdosis 2005 September
Afrikanen The African Der Afrikaner 2005 October
Mastermind Mastermind Mastermind 2005 December 19 (*)
Sol & Vår Sun & Spring Sonne & Frühling 2006 February
Poeten The Poet Der Poet 2006 April
Gräv där du sår Dig Where You Sow Grabe da, wo es dich schmerzt 2006 May
Svart Kung Black King Schwarzer König 2006 August
Containern The Container Der Container 2006 September 15 (*)
Förfalskaren The Forger or
The Counterfeiter
Der Fälscher 2006 October
Hemligheten The Secret Das Geheimnis 2006 December

Here are the plot summaries for the two new full length films (translated from the Swedish):

Linda Wallander is along with Stefan at the firing range. But when she attempts to shoot some clay pigeons her gun explodes. Linda is injured and taken to the hospital. It turns out that the gun was sabotaged. Who is the perpetrator? Is it someone from Linda's past...

Containern (The Container):
The police in Ystad get a telephone call about a container truck that has been parked in the forest for several days. Linda Wallander and a colleague go to the place and discover that the shipping container is full of dead people. They have suffocated and the have lain there for a long time. The investigation becomes complicated, the dead people lack any identity papers and the truck was stolen...


Full details can be found on the official Innan frosten website. The Internet Movie Database also has an entry for Innan frosten with links to the actors' filmographies.

Thanks to for the German translation of the titles. Also, any submissions with corrections to the English translations of the titles or plot synopsis are welcome.