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13 new Wallander TV movies planned
Posted 2003-10-13
According to Daniel Imort of the German web site, an announcement has been made that Henning Mankell will write 12 new stories which, along with the existing Linda Wallander novel Before the Frost, will be filmed for television. I have cleaned up an automated translation of the story by Google:
13 new films are to be made featuring Henning Mankell's police hero Kurt Wallander. For this project, in which several international actors are involved, a budget of nearly 200 million Swedish crowns (approx. $26 million USD) available. "We are about to start very important negotiations but I can confirm it", say the producer Lars Bjoerkman. Mankell's novels about the policeman Kurt Wallander were internationally large successes. That is the reason for this project, which is to be carried out to large parts by international funds. Mankell is to write twelve new stories about the policemen from Ystad, which will form the majority of the manuscript for the new films together with the last Linda Wallander novel "Before the Frost". Different authors will then write the manuscripts. The duration of the work will probably last four to five years. The work is to be begun according to plan next year. At least two films are to be shown in the cinema, however in any case all will also be shown on television. Rolf Lassgård, which played Wallander so far, is unconfirmed for the main role. "He is a natural choice but up till now we have spoke with no one about role occupation ", say Lars Bjoerkman. The films are produced among other things by Bjoerkman and Mankell by their publishing house Hollystad. They are now looking for international backers in addition to Swedish partners. SVT, which so far produced five films in the Wallander series with a sixth due at Christmas, is not involved in this project. This project reminscent of the Beck films (a popular Swedish television cop series), which became mass-produced in the last years. They were produced by Canal+ and TV4, but none of these channels wants to say whether they are involved in the Wallander project. Neither Rolf Lassgård nor Henning Mankell could be reached for comment.
Read Flag the original story in German at the web site
I am not sure how strongly the translation is suggesting that Rolf Lassgård will not play Kurt Wallander but it seems to say he is "not thought" to play Kurt. Please send any corrections to the above translation to me.