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Aussies getting Sidetracked with Kurt Wallander, Thurs, 22 Feb.
Posted 2007-02-19
Sidetracked DVD CoverAustralia's SBS Television will be bringing Henning Mankell's Kurt Wallander to small screens later this week. The 2001 film Sidetracked (Villospår) will be shown in 3 parts on on SBS beginning on Thursday, 22 February. The film is to be shown in widescreen format with its original Swedish dialog and English subtitles.

Sidetracked was the 4th Wallander novel turned into a film and continues with Rolf Lassgård playing the main role of Kurt Wallander. The cast is rounded out by many of the actors who would become series regulars, including Christer Fant as Svedberg, Lars Melin as Martinsson, Jenny Rudell as Linda, Klas-Gösta Olsson as Nyberg and Kerstin Andersson as Lisa Holgersson. However, this film is unique in the Wallander series as it is the only one to include the character Ann-Britt Höglund (played by actress Siw Erixon).

The SBS Television web site indicates the film will be shown in three parts:

8:30 pm, Thursday, 22 February

This new three-part drama series is based on the novel by Swedish best selling author Henning Mankell. The series follows Chief Inspector Kurt Wallander as he sets out to solve a trail of disturbing murders and crimes that have occurred in a provincial, idyllic southern Swedish town. In episode one, Kurt Wallander witnesses a young girl die in a southern Swedish rapefield by setting fire to herself. He is horrified by what he sees and acts quickly to try and identify her, but he is diverted by the murder of a former Justice Minister on the beach. Now Wallander has two cases to work on with his team but they don't know where to begin. Is there a connection between the girl and the murder? (From Germany, in Swedish, English subtitles) (Drama Series) *New Series* (Part 1) M (L,V,A) WS

SMS Alert Code: 8437

It's not clear at this time when the remaining two parts will be shown.

Thanks to Melanie and Kerrie for posting this to the our mailing list.