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London screening of One Step Behind, Thursday 29 Sept.
Posted 2005-09-28
Steget Efter movie posterOne Step Behind (Steget efter), the latest film in the Kurt Wallander series, is getting it's English-language premier in London at the 13th Raindance Film Festival. The single showing will take place on the festival's second night:
  One Step Behind screens on Thursday 29 September at 16:45 in the Cineworld Shaftesbury Avenue (Trocadero), London.

Call 0871 200 2000 to book!


The festival describes the film as follows:

  One Step Behind is based on the seventh book in the bestselling detective series by Henning Mankell. Our familiar hero, Ystad police detective Kurt Wallander, is confronted not only with a multiple fatal shooting but also the apparent suicide of his friend and colleague, Svedberg, at the same time as he is trying to deal with the symptoms of early stage diabetes.

Wallander's central concern, initially at least, is the apparently senseless murders of three young people having a picnic to celebrate the Midsummer holiday, each shot through the head with a silenced pistol and their bodies subsequently buried to conceal the crime. Suspicions are aroused when a postcard from one of the victims strikes the mother who receives it as a possible forgery. Meanwhile, Wallander becomes more and more anxious about the absence of his usually reliable colleague and decides to investigate further, only to discover Svedberg's body. As he digs deeper, it becomes clear that not only are the deaths of the picnickers connected to that of his colleague, but also that more murders look to be on the cards. With few clues to go on, Wallander has to outsmart the killer and tighten the net before he becomes enmeshed in it himself.


Tickets can be purchased by calling the phone number listed above, on site or online at the UGC Cinema web site. But beware that their site reports that many films are being sold out.

Get full information about the premier at the One Step Behind page at the Raindance web site.