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Henning Mankell reveals Den orolige mannen as final Wallander
Posted 2009-05-04
Henning MankellThe Swedish title of the final novel in the Wallander series has been revealed as Den orolige mannen by Henning Mankell in an interview. A literal translation of the title into English would be "The Worried/Nervous/Anxious/Restless Man".

The novel is completed and will be published in Sweden in August of 2009. The publication schedule for other languages is unknown at this point.

Not much is known about the novel outside what is in the Leopard Förlag press release:

  On a winter's day in 2008 a retired high naval officer, Håkan von Enke, disappears during his daily walk in Lilljansskogen. For Kurt Wallander this becomes a personal matter of the highest importance. Von Enke is Linda Wallande'rs father-in-law, and her little daughter's grandfather.

The investigation leads back in time, to the Cold War, to right-wing associations and assassins from the old Eastern Europe. Wallander suspects that he is on the track of a big secret, perhaps on the edge of something much more serious than even the Wennerström affair, the worst spy scandal Sweden has ever experienced. At the same time an even darker cloud appears on the horizon...

Ezequiel M. González Busquin, a fellow Wallander fan, reported this after seeing Henning Mankell speak at the Buenos Aires Book:

  In [this] novel Wallander gets a grandchild, Baiba from Riga returns to his life and the beginning of the book is in 1983 when Palme (the prime minister of Sweden) receives a report stating that Russian submarines had been detected in Swedish waters.

[Mankell] mentioned that Wallander will not die in the book, but that something will happen to him and it will be impossible to write any more Wallander novels.

Hopefully this final novel in the Kurt Wallander series will get a speedy translation into other languages.